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Prophet Passion Java’s Lifestyle, Gift in Black and White

Some have called him a ‘bogus prophet’. Others testify he is a true servant of the Almighty, considering what he has done in their lives. On...

Some have called him a ‘bogus prophet’. Others testify he is a true servant of the Almighty, considering what he has done in their lives. On social media, he has established a presence that is hard to ignore.

Across the capital, Harare, tactically located billboards scream his Twabam tag phrase that has slowly cascaded into ghetto lingo, though the meaning is diverse, but often overused by the youths. But remember the word says, ‘touch not’ because you might be playing with fire.

Prophet Passion Java grew up surrounded by poverty in Chitungwiza. His childhood location of Unit D, a section known for abject poverty, prostitution, and criminal activities. Among the poverty, his talents were discovered early in life, with an ability to “see and interact with Angels.”

At school, he became a voice amongst his peers, prophesying and preaching the gospel. His prominence came around 2010, when he was only 22 years, drawing bumper crowds due to his accurate prophesies. “I was born with a special gift. When I was very young, I used to have strange dreams depicting me in heaven and surrounded by angels,” prophet Java reportedly said.
Prophet Passion Java’s Lifestyle, Gift in Black and White
Prophet Passion Java’s Lifestyle, Gift in Black and White 
“When I was in form one, I specifically had a vision in which I saw a set of numbers spinning in the air.” When he told his scripture union leader about the dream, he was told it was her birth date. Officially, his prophetic ministry had begun.

Fast forward 10 years later, Prophet Passion has embraced the idea to assist rising local musicians including Enzo Ishall, and he also features on some of the videos. A recording studio he launched offered free services to talented gospel artistes who were failing to access such services. The Passion Java Riddim has become an anthem for Zimdancehall artistes such as Enzo Ishall, Bazooker, among others.

Love or hate him, Prophet Java aka the FBI prophet is an accomplished and prolific author of 23 books. Considering his age of 32, he has penned an average of two books per year. On social media, he has caused a stir, attracting huge traffic, even when he was throwing brickbats with the late Genius Kadungure. His prolific use of social media has redefined the use of the platforms to influence opinions, considering his position as clergy.

Parading expensive cars, money has raised a lot of questions over his source of wealth has also come under question, with people asking how he manages to parade exclusive vehicle acquisition. Undeterred, he has continued to appear on billboards across the nation spreading his chants.

Everywhere he goes, he has become an attraction, with crowds pursuing his generosity, and spiritual gifting, asking for handouts, and they are rewarded with crisp greenbacks for their efforts. Videos of him dishing out cash in Harare recently have gone viral on social media.

Constant barrage by various sections prompted his church to respond. “We are being attacked as a ministry, instead of people to appreciate social responsibility programs our man of God is doing, they are actually persecuting us,” the church said. “Pastors have stopped preaching about Jesus Christ on their pulpits and they are now attacking our prophet.”
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