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About Us

Nakiso TV is a non-profit development organization working to help young people find a path towards a promising future. 

Using mentoring programs, Nakiso TV provides young people with strong role models, encourage them to stay in school, and help them avoid drugs and alcohol. We also introduce them to different occupational possibilities through our partners and supporters.

In our world, every young person has a caring adult in their life – a touchstone to help them reach their full potential and look to the future with hope.

Nakiso TV also uses social media platforms for content creation as serves as an on-demand mentorship network.. Nakiso TV is a place where you can interact and share with thousands of social celebrities within Zimbabwe. 

Through content creation, Nakiso TV aims to become Zimbabwe's most trusted online platform. Our desire is to bring you the latest Celebrity News, Biographies, Obituaries, Breaking News, Business, Showbiz, Sports, Diaspora. Nakiso TV's content is updated continually with the latest news to help you feed your addiction with stories and photos from Zimbabwe and many more!