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Hope Masike Celebrates Black Skin!

Hope Masike, who has been equated to the late mbira maestro Chiwoniso Maraire, has called African people to love their skin. “To the black w...

Hope Masike, who has been equated to the late mbira maestro Chiwoniso Maraire, has called African people to love their skin.

“To the black woman in particular, your dark skin is very beautiful just as is. Be you, beautifully so. You are wonderfully made,” said the singer who is proud of her dark skin texture.

Her latest offering, Tsubvubone has attracted positive reviews from her followers. “Celebrating and embracing blackness, I love how this reflects the Black is King, Black Reigns, Black is Beautiful with the Shona words like Chidziisa mapapu, Mudya ndakasungwa, Vhenekera Tsvimborume, Tsvarakadenga,” said a viewer.

The song will stir an uproar within the cosmetic industry. Tsubvubone, a reference to the dark skin is a direct spat to the yellow bone trend, achieved by skin bleaching done by some women to attain a lighter skin.

In an interview carried by the NewsDay, the afro-fusion songster said black women should be content with their identity. “As my new video Tsubvubone, in celebration of the dark-skinned girls released last Friday on my YouTube channel says,” she stated.

Many women have sought to alter their natural beauty, preferring a lighter tone, which Masike has said will harm your skin, adding emphatically: say no to bleaching. Known side effects of skin lightening creams and injections are redness and swelling. Further, it induces thinning of the skin, visible blood vessels and kidney or nerve damage.
Hope Masike Celebrates Black Skin!
Hope Masike Celebrates Black Skin!
Skin bleaching is a US$20 billion dollar industry, fed by the Asian market. Over 258 tonnes of lightening creams were produced and dumped to consumers by India in 2013 alone, worth US$300 million. The global sales of creams was projected to soar.

“To all women of the world, lets normalise being content with how God created us, proudly and loudly so enhancing our beauty is perfectly fine except when it’s to the detriment of our health, be it physically or emotionally,” emphasised Masike.

Other reason why people bleach are seeking a lighter or brighter complexion, getting rid of facial imperfections and to look beautiful. According to the World Health Organisation, Nigeria are the highest consumers of such products at 77 percent, followed by Togo with 59 percent, South Africa at 35 percent and Mali with 25 percent. The attack on bleaching by Masike comes after some local celebrities have endorsed the trend.

Comedienne Madam Boss has admitted to applying skin lightening creams. South African fishinista and socialite Khanyi Mbau’s pink complexion has sent social media haywire. International artists including Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira have remained faithful to their natural tones, and making it in Hollywood, despite their African backgrounds.

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