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Nakiso Borehole Drilling - Digging Deep In Philanthropy!

Maybe it’s something in the water that entrepreneurs drink, but a common thread is that many an entrepreneur see value in philanthropy. Alth...

Maybe it’s something in the water that entrepreneurs drink, but a common thread is that many an entrepreneur see value in philanthropy.

Although still a young company, drilling specialists Nakiso Borehole Drilling (Pvt) Ltd is firmly entrenched in philanthropic work.

The company currently has a comprehensive project running at Glory Ministries Church (Chitungwiza) where it installed its first CSR project in 2019.

Tawanda Musarurwa
“Phase 1 of the project saw us drilling a borehole and installing a 5,000 litre tank to serve the church and the local community. Phase 2 now encompasses the installation of three more 5,000 litre tanks.

“Due to this CSR project, the church has now been able to develop its 8,000 square metre stand to include a garden of trees and flowers for events hosting and a garden of vegetables for local consumption,” says CEO Lincoln Masiyenyama.
Nakiso Borehole Drilling - Digging Deep In Philanthropy!
Nakiso Borehole Drilling - Digging Deep In Philanthropy!

“In addition to that, the church is now using the borehole as a source of water for their building project where they are raising a 1,800-seater gazebo for youth services and other conference events.”

But Who Is Lincoln Masiyenyama?

Born exactly 30 years ago, Lincoln attributes his entrepreneurial journey to a tough background.

“I come from a family of three siblings, with me being the second born and only boy among two girls. My father passed away when I was doing Grade 5, and later my mother migrated to South Africa where she works until now.

I had an unconventional upbringing; being raised by my brother-in-law (mukwasha) and then my other elder brother since my mother was now based in South Africa. This not-so-rosy background is what has made me who I am today. Thanks to that!

“Due to this tough upbringing, I was always thinking hard of ways to better myself and my circumstances. I have been a jack of many trades in my entrepreneurship journey so far. From cross border trading, sale and purchase of motor vehicles from within and outside Zimbabwe, and this later part is what led to the formation of Nakiso Borehole Drilling Company,” he said.

“I started Nakiso after having seen and experienced the effects of not having a functional water source. With my experience in plant engineering, the water-based solution business became even more of an interest to me.”

It Perhaps Also Explains The Philanthropic Bug ...    

“In establishing the business I feel that I am offering a valuable service to our customers and the community at large. In addition to that, I personally value myself for bringing that positive change in people’s lives. Giving back to the community through corporate social responsibility (CSR), and the feeling of accomplishment is an important business motivator.”

The company also prides itself in getting involved in social impact projects.

Nakiso Drilling has been roped into the current national project, which is targeting the construction of 200,000 low-cost houses and flats by 2023, whereby it is running a borehole drilling project in Dzivarasekwa.

“Though we were not engaged purely on a 100 percent CSR initiative, but the rates extended under such projects are concessionary in nature, taking into account the importance of the program and what it is earmarked to achieve at national level,” said the chief executive.

And as with all successful enterprises, nothing is ever achieved single-handedly.

Lincoln attributes a key part of his success to the team that he has assembled:

“I have an amazing team. They are the ones who make it happen for Nakiso business, and make Lincoln look good even as a personal brand. I have been blessed to have a team that is diverse and has a collective sense of responsibility.

“Everyone wants to see the Nakiso brand grow and do well. The team has grown from an initial stage as budding workers to strong professionals who can take on any challenge in the business world.”

The rising entrepreneur sees Nakiso converting to a holding company over the next decade, and that, of course entails diversification going forward.

At a personal level, Lincoln says growth is key.

“As for myself, being an entrepreneur makes one grow and I am currently going through the critical growth process. The transition has been painful on some occasions, but overall interesting and educative,” he said.

“Today, I am not even the Lincoln of a year ago. If I am still the Lincoln of today 10 years from now, then I will have failed. In 10 years time, I look forward to a more confident and supercharged, ready to engage in further business and tackling the corporate echelons of power.”
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